Piece Brigade Art Zine 1

A 12 page page art zine showing some of Forpe's new creation.

Yo Homez’

From clouds of powdered paint and bewitched vegetation havoc has truly been unleashed in metropolis. Creatives have divided like a great rift in the ocean both have objectives but will only one succeed?

Creative warfare is now being unleashed in the streets between the PoPo Squad and the Piece Brigade. Although spectacular to behold, there seems to have been a divide in the HA HA tribe. From what we know it has something to do with sharing pieces and ideas freely.

The HA HA’s have always been known to share creations but monitored its usage and collected credits and fined those who misused their material.

Start collecting this limited material now!

Printed on re-cycled paper & hand signed by Forpe.
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