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Valentine's Day Lonliness

Facing another Valentine's Day alone? Got a friend who needs perking up? Want to take terrirfying adventage of the chance to send anonymous mail? Look no further.

THIS is the Stann Boothe Valentine's Day Lonliness package. It contains a copy of his best-selling book Sex and the Titties: The Sexy Adventures of Stann Boothe, plus an erotic-smelling candle to get you in the mood, a packet of handy Kleenex tissues for your inevitable explosive climax, and a small bottle of mid-range scotch for handling le petite mort.

It even comes pre-wrapped and smelling divine, with a personalised signed note of love/lust/something-altogether-grosser from the author himself.


Sex and the Titties is undoubtedly the worst piece of erotic fiction ever written. The Sexy Adventures of Stann Boothe by Mann Smoothe makes 50 Shades of Grey look like f*cking Shakespeare.

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have a great thrust upon ‘em. For Stann Boothe, all of the above are true. This is a story primarily about his penis, but also about treasure and dinosaurs." - Mann Smoothe, author.

This book is the pinnacle of literoticomedy: a genre invented and subsequently dominated by Ed Gamester.

18+ contains constant foul language and idiotic themes
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